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Hello and welcome to the official Craftopia website. This is the first post updating the website, to help you understand what Craftopia is, I will use the 5w's also known as who, what, when, where and why, so let's begin.

Who: Craftopia is a business run by 3 girls Aidah, who is 14 years old, Aaliyah who is 11 years old, and me Ciara who is 11 years old. We are supervised by our parents Tina who is mother to Aidah and Aaliyah. Tennille who is mother to me Ciara.

What: Craftopia is a business that sells crafts, decor and more. When: Craftopia was created July 2019. Let me explain the day; it was the second day of Aaliyah's birthday sleepover, we had just finished making a few crafts and then we had the idea of creating a business after that day. it was really just a lot of FaceTime calls, sleepovers and disagreements.

Where: you can find us here on our website and at pop-up shops. You may see Deeply dope my mom's self-made T-shirt company.

Why: We started Craftopia because we love to make the crafts and love making each other happy while making others happy, we wanna share the joy we get from making crafts with others by encouraging them to make crafts of their own. well I guess that all the update you need for now have fun exploring the website!

Marble Surface
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